Participer à une étude sur l’arthrite et la guérison psychique

Participer à une étude sur l’arthrite et la guérison psychique

Si vous souffrez d’arthrite, vous pouvez participer à une recherche sur la guérison psychique à l’Université d’Edimbourg :

If you suffer from arthritis and would be interested in participating in a distance healing study, researchers at the University of Edinburgh would like to hear from you. Skeptical participants are needed, as well as those who believe in distance healing. Participants will be asked to complete questionnaires three times over a three-month period. All participants will have the chance to receive distance healing, free of charge.

What is Distance Healing? Distance healing is a hypothesized form of healing intentionality occurring beyond the reach of the psychical senses, which appears to be unmediated by any demonstrable form of physical signal. It encompasses a broad range of healing practices. Broadly speaking, healers in this study will use forms of meditation in which the practitioner holds a compassionate intention to relieve the suffering of another.

Will I receive Distance Healing? Participants will be randomly assigned to a group. Half will receive distance healing; the other half will provide a comparison. Furthermore, half of the participants will know what group they have been assigned to, and the other half will not know what group they are in. You will be given the option, upon the completion of the research, to receive distance healing if you did not already receive it.

Who will see my completed questionnaires? Your questionnaires will be coded numerically, and measures are made so that the information provided is held in the strictest confidence and your identity is anonymous.

Will I be compensated for my time? Yes. You will receive £5 each time you complete a questionnaire packet, a total of £15.

If you are interested, please contact Alison Easter for further information and to see if you are eligible, by post, email or telephone.

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